The words 'active tuberculosis' are super scary.  It is even scarier when a student at one of the local middle schools is infected.  Well, that is exactly what happened and now officials are trying to see if any other kids have been infected.

A student at Fannin Middle School positively tested for active tuberculosis (TB).  And now the health department is conducting the investigation of classmates and teachers who have possibly been exposed.  The students or teachers that are at risks are the ones who have spending five or more hours per week with the infected student.

AISD and the health department are sending permission letters to parents of potentially exposed children asking for consent to give a TB skin test that will be given next week.  After the test are given, anyone testing positive will then be tested to see if it is active.  If they are, then the health department will continue to work with the family at no cost to them.

While TB is a potentially serious infection of contagious and infectious bacteria, it can be treated with antibiotics.  There are a few warning signs to look for like cough, fever, nigh sweats, weight loss.

If you are worried, I don't blame you.  You can contact the City of Amarillo Department of Public Health at (806) 378-6300 or attend a meeting for parents in the Fannin Middle School cafeteria on April 2 and 6 p.m.