Last week a big story hit as a dog was picked up covered in blood from Amarillo's Animal Control.  We broke the story and got you the details that came down, but now, I'm starting to think Animal Control is absolutely innocent in the case of Austin the dog.  Allow me to explain why.

First, I immediately thought Animal Control was in the wrong because of what they told the owner of the dog.

From my blog last week:

Animal Control told her the wounds were from the staff they use to catch her dog.  They use the instrument pictured above to lasso around dog’s necks and basically choke them until they submit.

So how is that instrument going to cause wounds on a dog’s chest, nose and lip?

Further more, why would they even come up with an excuse for the wounds on the dog if they did nothing wrong?

Here’s how I interpret it.  If I was the dog catcher and I knew I didn’t hurt the dog, I wouldn’t even have justified the accusation of abusing the dog with an excuse!  I would’ve just said “your dog most likely got into a fight with another dog and that’s where the wounds came from”.  I wouldn’t be passing lines blaming the wounds on the instrument I had used to capture the dog.

Well today, more details came in about the incident that got me thinking we've all been fed some lies.

I'm actually going to defend Animal Control at this point.

What I've now learned is that there was a female dog in heat in the alley of neighborhood where Austin the dog was found.  The new information actually says there were several male dogs loose in the alley trying to get to this female Boxer in heat.

So now it's a little more clear as to why the dog wanted out of the back yard, but what about all the wounds the dog suffered?  How would the dog get his lips, nose and chest injured in the process?

As quoted above, Animal Control said it was caused by the "animal snatcher" staff used to capture animals.

Here's the new information that leads me to believe the injuries on his nose and lips were caused by the instrument.

At approximately 6:05, the officer returned to Animal Control with Auston secured in his unit. He was advised that the animal needed to be cleaned up before giving him back to the owner. Both the officer and his supervisor made several attempts to clean Auston up. The more they tried, the more aggressive the animal became, and the more he bit the staff and kept injuring his lip. In fact, he was SO aggressive that even Mrs. Simms could not contain him and had to wait for her husband to arrive before they could leave with the dog.


This makes sense, because my dog will bite through her own lip when she's chewing on a stick or any other chew toy.  Further more, she'll bust her own nose on sticks and even on my fence in the backyard.  I've seen her bust her own nose on the fence with my own eyes, so suddenly, the story that Animal Control released is becoming more and more believable.

There is a question that still has no answers though, what happened to the dog's chest?  How did he sustain injuries on his chest?

Well for that, I'll just let you look at this picture below.  This is the fence that Austin the dog escaped from.

Take a good look at that fence.  You think it's possible the dog cut up his own chest as he escaped out of this fence?  I'm thinking YES!

So in conclusion, there was a female dog in heat, and Austin the Australian Shepard was feeling a little frisky!  He was willing to do ANYTHING to get out of that fence and get to the female dog!

And to defend the employees of Animal Control, well imagine if you were about to get "some" and some stranger jerked you away.  You'd be pretty mad about that, wouldn't you?

Now I'm not saying that Animal Control officers don't sometimes go overboard, but I am saying in this case, the owner of the dog is overreacting and not looking at the big picture.

I honestly think the wounds suffered by the dog were in fact not intentional and are actually easily explained.  What about you?



See more on this story courtesy of Shea White & The Dog Logs by clicking right here.




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