Ever think your face would look good on a billboard? Maybe you think your kid's face would look good plastered above Amarillo. Even better, maybe in a commercial.

That's what Wonderland Amusement Park is looking for as they're having open casting for this year's WOW Crowd through Valentine's Day (2/14/2020).

The WOW Crowd is the group of people whose lovely faces adorn the billboards and commercials for Wonderland Park. Just think, that could be you.

The process is a pretty simple one. You just go to their website, and sign up. Include a photo and video for good measure.

In fairness, I have to tell you that I did read through the "not-so-fine print" and being a member of the WOW Crowd isn't a paying position. So don't tell your boss to "shove it" when you get the call.

You'll get paid in everyone knowing your face. Let's be honest, we've all seen the billboards and commercials. If you or your kid want to start working on a "portfolio" or just want your face to be recognizable, this is your chance.

They do say it's open to all people of all ages.

I think I'll go get a haircut and a snazzy new outfit from the thrift store, and then submit my own application. Me watching you drive to work wouldn't be creepy at all.

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