As any guy under about 5'9 will attest, this whole super high heel trend is getting out of control. Four-inch heels, six-inch heels, and suddenly a good chunk of the male population is craning their neck to look up at their dates.A man in South Korea by the name of Lee decided to do something about the problem. The 5'5, 24-year-old man went on a heel-stealing rampage, snagging pumps from restaurants, schools and houses in his hometown of Busan. What did he do with the Louboutin loot, you ask? Tossed em - the classic pump n' dump. He was only caught after a CCTV camera nailed him tossing the heels in a local park.

While the authorities initially suspected some kind of sexual perversion, the shoes were found to be unmolested. According to the police, Lee confessed that he began stealing the heels because his female friends had been mocking his stature. Authorities have yet to decide if Lee will face charges.

Before any of you height-challenged readers thinks about pulling a Lee, consider this: In South Korea folks generally remove their shoes before entering homes and restaurants, making them easy targets for theft. In American, you would probably have to remove the shoes directly from the women's feet. Tough move, but, at least the women will be easier to catch if they run.

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