It's that time of year! The time of year where for 1 week, I throw my diet out the window completely. I don't count calories or keep up with how many grams of fat I am eating. I don't worry about eating something deep fried and I indulge in many, many, sweets to calm a sweet tooth that been lying at rest for almost an entire year. I don't worry about how much money I spend on it, because I save up money just to blow on it. It's on a stick, it's dipped in batter, it's fried in grease, it's covered in powdered sugar, it's washed down with even more sugar and grease, it's whatever you do don't dare count calories or weigh yourself because, it's the FAIR! Let's go on a sweet retreat as I serve up my top 5 picks of eats & drink that I HAVE TO GET every year at the Amarillo Tri-State Fair!

  • Courtesy of Dallas Chambers

    Number 5: Cherry Lemondae

    Even though it's coming in at the bottom of my list, this is probably what I spend the most money on every year. The Cherry Lemonade, refreshing & delicious! While everything else on my list only gets bought once by me, I will buy around 5 of these drinks. They compliment everything served at the fair. Whether your eating a foot long corn dog smothered in mustard and ketchup, or a deep fried Twinkie on a stick, if you wash it down with this and you won't be mad! Fresh squeezed lemons embodied by H2O, pure cane sugar & accented with a few cherries, this is what Will Ferrel was actually talking about in the movie Old School. You know, "once it hits your lips it's so good!" This is what he pictured in his head to motivate his character Frank The Tank. And you know how when the fair is in town the weather just freaks out and bounces back from hot to cold every day? Well the beautiful thing about this drink is it doesn't matter the temperature outside this is a win freaking win either way! When your piling down pound after pound of fattening foods, you need a drink it's just how it goes. So you might as well get a good drink, go with the Cherry Lemonade!

  • Courtesy of Dallas Chambers

    Number 4: Ribbon Fries

    A food of many names. Ribbon Fries, Tornado Taters, Texas Taters, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, it's all the same thing. I don't know who invented these, but he deserves a special place in Heaven for doing so. Ribbons fries are fun to eat and they are delicious to boot! The way they cut the potato so that the cuts all stay stringed together is just genius! Smother these things in salt & pepper then drown them in ketchup and get ready for a messy meal that will leave you licking your fingers clean. They're big enough to share with a friend, and they'll put a smile on your face. I call that "happy food". They say the way to a mans heart is through is stomach. Well this food doesn't just get to my heart, it reaches all the way down to my soul and then it slaps the crap out of my taste buds! Oh lord of potatoes, we thank you for this gift we are about to receive! If you don't get these, your going to have a Texas sized regret as you watch the rest of the city snack down on them!

  • Courtesy Of Dallas Chambers

    Number 3: Deep Fried Snickers Bar

    Peanut nougat, covered in roasted peanuts & caramel, rolled in milk chocolate, this is what makes up a Snickers Bar. The Fair takes this glorious candy bar even further, by jamming a stick in it, freezing it, dipping it in batter then deep frying it and covering it in powdered sugar and sprinkles. Ah yes, the deep fried Snickers bar! So elegant, so beautiful, soooooooo delicious! It wasn't until the early 2000's that deep frying candy bars became popular in the US at state fairs all across the country. We can actually thank the Scottish & English for this one as it's been a favorite in Fish & Chip shops across the countries for quite some time now. Well whatever, every good idea is a stolen idea. I'm glad some money hungry American finally got smart and decided to rip this idea off! Can you imagine never having the chance to try this? Life would be awful! Your American, your free! Your free to try this insanely delicious treat! One of your American brothers ripped off this idea from over seas, the least you could do is give it a sample!

  • Courtesy of Dallas Chambers

    Number 2: Deep Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

    While the rest of the list may be filled with tasty treats you are familiar with, this one is a diamond in the rough. I always ask people if they've tried this and incredibly, this is one of the most over looked treats at the fair! I think the people that are trying it, do it mainly out of curiosity. The people that aren't trying it, do it out of some form of thinking that it's a common snack. Every house has peanut butter & jelly in it, so why should you eat one at the fair? Well let me tell you, this is nothing like the PB&J your eating when you get the midnight munchies. This is a Smuckers Uncrustable, dipped in batter, fried, covered in powdered sugar & sprinkles, then drizzled with strawberry syrup! WOWZA! This is where it's at! This makes takes the number 2 spot on the list because it's an orgy of flavors! You take a bite, the sweet batter engulfs your taste buds immediately as it mixes with the powdered sugar, syrup and sprinkles. Then comes the peanut butter & jelly rushing into your mouth. It's warm and melting, the perfect consistency! It all mixes into 1 beautiful body of flavor that seems to pull your tongue 5 feet out of your mouth and then release it like it's some kind of spring loaded apparatus that slaps back into your face and almost puts you on the ground! Ladies & gentlemen, if you do 1 thing at the fair this year, don't make it riding the big loop ride like you always tell yourself your going to, make it sinking your teeth into this deep fried deliciousness!

  • Courtesy of Dallas Chambers

    Number 1: Indian Taco

    And now it's time for my NUMBER 1! This is the alpha omega, the mecca, the ying and the yang, the holiest of holy moly's! The Indian Taco! A pile of deliciousness! It's like some stoner was sitting there and thought "why don't we take all these tasty things and pile them up all together". However it came about doesn't matter to me, just the fact that it came along in my lifetime! Experience a deep fried flat bread that just bursts with flavor! Covered in taco meat, pinto beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, onions & jalapenos, this is the makings of the Indian Taco. It's HUGE, big enough for 2 to eat! This is one of those foods that when you have it in your hands, your guarding it with your life! As you walk down the mid-way people left and right stop you to ask what you are holding. It's contagious like that! If you have never tried the Indian Taco you gotta get you some! You won't waste a single bite and you'll be a new fan of this freaking amazing food! This takes my top spot because I would travel far and wide to get it! I would stop at nothing to have it in my mouth, as dirty as that sounds! This is my number 1 must have food at the fair!