Summer, we have been waiting for Summer since the first snow.  We love Summer and now that it is almost here the excitement is barely containable.  So now that the warm, toasty Summer is here, here's a list of great places to take a date in Amarillo this Summer.

Wonderland Park

TSM Amarillo

I know this place is for kids, but think about it, it would be a great place to go on a date.  Leave the kids at home and you and your sweetheart just go to Wonderland and ride all the rides and pretend you are in high school again.  Go have fun, laugh, scream, even make out a little on the Fantastic Journey.  Just make sure you know when you pop outside for that second.

Palo Duro Canyon

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Pack a picnic and head on out to the canyon to enjoy each others company.  Find a quaint little spot to enjoy your picnic.  Enjoy nature, fresh air and each other.  Once you are done with your picnic, go work off all those calories and go on a hike.  Hey, there's some steep parts so it's a great excuse to hold hands.  Then if you're still there in the evening, stick around and go see The Texas Musical drama.

Tascosa Drive-In Movie Theater

Jim Lopes

Hey, it's a movie theater where you get to hang out in your car, or the back of the truck.  Go see a romantic comedy with your sweetheart and if a few kisses are stolen, even better.

Out in the Country Star Gazing


Grab some blankets and wait til dark then head on out into the country.  Get away from the city and all the lights.  Find a dirt road, or maybe an empty lot.  Throw the blankets in the back of the truck, on top of the hood of the car or on the ground and star gaze.  When you are away from the city and it's dark, then it's amazing how beautiful the Amarillo sky is at night.  Plus, here's another place where you can steal a few kisses.

Be a Tourist Date

TSM Amarillo

Grab your date and be a tourist.  Go check out Cadillac Ranch and the big legs.  Go out to the Big Texan and have dinner.  Check out the American Quarter Horse Museum. Make a day of it, checking out the amazing things Amarillo has to offer, pretend you're not from here and you are on a mini-vacation.  Odds are it has been awhile since you have been to any of our tourist locations.  It'll be fun!