If you are not from Amarillo you will not believe all the Clydesdale's that will be lining the streets in Downtown Amarillo this afternoon. It is such the sight.

I would have to venture to say this is one of the events the kiddos really love to see. So make sure you bring them downtown when you pick them up from school this afternoon. This parade is one of the highlights of the WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo. The parade will start at 4 pm and end by 6 pm with the horses and carriages assembling in the north parking lot of the Amarillo Civic Center.

The rodeo kicks off tomorrow at the Amarillo Civic Center and will run through Sunday.  Get your tickets HERE.

Here is the parade route for this afternoon:

West along S.E. Third Ave. to Polk Street, south on Polk Street to S.E. 10th Ave., east on S.E. 10th Ave. to Buchanan Street, north on Buchanan Street  to S.E. Third Ave. and east on S.E. Third Ave. to the disbursement area at the north parking lot of the Civic Center.

credit: City of Amarillo
credit: City of Amarillo

So make sure you are in your place this afternoon. You want to be there and not just watching all your friends post about it on Facebook. I promise you it will happen. This is something you need to see in person.




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