All the excitement wrapped around Buc-ee's coming to Amarillo is absolutely palpable. Some people drive by the location each day just to look at the progress of it, anticipating seeing the framework of the building begin.

However, it seems Buc-ee's has a bit of a problem they need to take care of, and the hope is that it's not something that delays the building of the location here.

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The son of one of the co-founder's of Buc-ee's has been arrested in Austin on some serious charges. Mitchell Wasek was recently apprehended and charged with a stunning 28 counts of state jail felony charges of invasive visual recordings.

The 28 year old Wasek has been accused of placing hidden cameras in various locations of several residences and recorded guests without their knowledge. These cameras were placed primarily in bathrooms and bedrooms of the different locations in and around Austin.

A woman has stated that she and some friends were visiting a house in Lake Travis with Wasek when one of her friends, who works for the Department of Defense in cybersecurity, saw a charging port with a hidden camera plugged into the wall in the bathroom.

They took the camera and left with it. When they took the micro-card in it and plugged it in, they found dozens of videos of themselves, and others, on it. The videos were from the house they were staying in, as well as videos from Wasek's apartment in Dallas.

Police obtained a warrant and viewed the contents of the card, and found 68 different videos with people being recorded using the toilet, showering, changing clothes, and having sex.

Each count Wasek is facing carries a sentence of no more than 2 years in jail, so if found guilty on all charges, he could be facing up to 56 years in jail.

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