As I read the title of this story, I was immediately offended, thinking some spoiled brat college students were encouraging other college students to go out looking for illegal immigrants and catch them for a prize.  I understand why people get so worked up about illegal immigrants, but at the same time, I don't see why anyone would want to punish a human being for wanting to better themselves.  Immigrants don't come to Texas because they love the taste of the tap water.  They come because they have a family to provide for, they come out of necessity, not choice.  I guess the Young Conservatives of Texas can't think of a better way to spend their mommy and daddy's money than sparking controversy.  This Catch an Illegal Immigrant game is getting national attention, exactly what the students aimed for it to do. 

"The Young Conservatives of Texas group at the University of Texas at Austin is sparking up controversy once again.

According to Fox News Latino, YCT is holding a game on campus on Wednesday called "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" where participants will walk around with a sign that says "illegal immigrant" on their clothing.

Those who capture one of these "illegal immigrants" will be awarded with a $25 gift card. Members of YCT say the purpose of this game is to “spread awareness and to spark a political discussion about the issue."

“There have been times in the past that we’ve held events, and the turnout was low and the press coverage was nonexistent,” Lorenzo Garcia, YCT chairman, told Fox News Latino. "We learned from the bake sale, which made national news, that doing something like this is the best way to get out a message.”

To some, this does come across as a political movement, and does spread awareness about the issue.  To others, it comes across as racist.  I would bet money the Young Conservatives of Texas used a Hispanic chairman as the spokesperson on it so it doesn't seem racist.  Am I crazy?  My doctor says, "only slightly".