Canyon Independent School District is now a Google Reference District.

This is not only a big deal for the City of Canyon but a big deal for Texas. Being a Google Reference District means that CISD is going above and beyond to introduce new and fresh technology to help equip their students with twenty-first-century life skills.

There is only 12 Google Reference Districts across the state of Texas and only 219 worldwide. Through crome books, Ipads, and laptops CISD students are getting a more interactive style of learning which is boosting comprehension.

Letting kids use technology in the classroom is also giving these kids a leg up for the workforce. When these students live the halls of CISD they will already have great computer tablet skills along with heightened critical thinking, creativity, customer service and more.

Canyon School District believes that learning doesn't stop at school. When they go home they want their students to continue learning at home as well. To make this easier they will be offering classes to Parents as well.

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