This might cause a poop storm and I can see why.  The Canyon ISD board voted to give Superintendent, Mike Wartes a raise, but some people are upset that the teachers didn't get a little bump in pay.  There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel and a happy ending for the teachers if all goes right though!



Pro News 7 reports that according to School Board President, Randy Darnell, the teachers have a chance to get the same vote, but it will happen more towards the end of Spring.



Connect Amarillo:

the school calendar allows for raises for both the superintendent and the teachers.  Early spring is typically the time when superintendent contracts and salaries are reviewed, and late spring is when raises are considered for teachers.

Darnell also included that they are "very optimistic they will be able to give a nice raise to all of our teachers".

So don't get mad at the good people at the Canyon ISD school board, they are definitely working hard to help out the teachers too!

And I gotta say, teachers really do need the raise!

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