A few weeks back, Kit Kat debuted a new Halloween themed commercial starring Chance The Rapper, the rising Chicagoan penning a new jingle for the candy brand as well. Halloween has come and gone though, with Kit Kat posting an alternate version of the commercial to Facebook yesterday (Nov. 2). Chance is without costume in the new version and at the end, instead of saying "That's a good song," as he did previously, he says, "No, I get it."

Chance may be singing about taking a break in the jingle, but since the release of his Coloring Book album in May, it's been a non-stop whirlwind for Chance who has performed at the ESPYs, attended President Obama's final state dinner at the White House and grabbed himself a number of awards and accolades.

At this point, with performances on Ellen and a national ad campaign, it seems safe to say that Chance has become a household name this year. When the endorsements go up, the advertising checks come down.

Chano will keep busy and continue to diversify his portfolio as just last week he teased an upcoming role in the movie Slice. Directed by Austin Vesely and shot last summer in Chicago, the futuristic thriller features Chance in the role of Dax Lycander, a Chinese food delivery boy/werewolf. Chano shared the first trailer to the film via Twitter in which he’s seen hopping on a motorcycle and riding off into the night.

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