Construction is really taking shape on the south and western parts of the Amarillo loop. On the south-side, the loop is being widened to better match the completed work that was recently done from I-27 towards Washington Avenue. From I-27 westward, the road is being expanded as well as the new western part of the loop being constructed to eventually bypass Soncy.

Starting this week, TxDOT has announced that there will be changes coming to the intersection of South Loop 335 and Coulter Street. If you are traveling south on Coulter will be directed into the right turn lane, just ahead of the intersection. Drivers will stay in one lane leading up to the intersection and will then be able to turn left, right or go straight at the intersection. If you are traveling north on Coulter, you will also be redirected to southbound/right turn lane. Afterwards, the drivers will be directed back into two lanes. This part of the project is expected to be completed by December 13th.


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