Chris Brown is a freaking lunatic!  His latest brilliant move came in the form of robbery outside of a nightclub in Miami.  Where he stole a girl's I-Phone and drove off with it!

Why would he do such a thing?  A saint like Chris wouldn't ever do anything violent would he?

Well law enforcement reps for Miami PD report that 24-year-old Christal Spann filed a police report Sunday for "robbery by snatching"!  The report claims she followed Chris and rapper Tyga out of Cameo nightclub early in the morning and snapped a picture of Chris getting into his Bentley.

Christal told cops, "Chris flipped out when he saw her camera phone and then grabbed it through the car window", all while finding time to say, "Bitch, you ain't going to put that on no website."

This could lead to a BIG problem for Brown, as TMZ reports that he is "being watched closely" by the D.A. who prosecuted him for assaulting Rihanna, because this latest incident in Miami could trigger a full court press in L.A. to send Brown to prison.

I hope he does go to prison, and gets a human booster shot from a big black guy named Leroy.  Let's jam some Jump Smokers and think about this over dinner.

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