If you're looking for work, or a career change, the City of Amarillo might be exactly what you're looking for. Saturday (9/18) the City of Amarillo is having a massive career fair.

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When and Where Is the City's Career Fair

The career fair is going to be held in the conference room of the library's southwest branch on SW 45th. It kicks off at 10 AM and will last until 2 PM.

  • When: Saturday, Sep 18
  • Where: Conference Room Amarillo Library's SW Branch (6801 SW 45th)
  • Time: 10 AM - 2 PM

Several Departments Within the City Will Be Looking For Applicants

There will be several representatives on hand from several different departments within the city. They will be there to help discuss the details of available positions.

According to a press release sent out this afternoon they will be looking for everything from fitness/exercise instructors to utility workers and even lawyers.

Departments represented include:

  • Parks and Rec
  • 911 Dispatch
  • Civic Center
  • Water Utilities
  • Public Works

and there are several more.

What Are the Benefits

The City offers several benefits including health, dental, and vision insurance. They also offer a pretty good retirement plan.

Also, the City makes a habit out of helping people further their education.

Yes, the City of Amarillo Will Help You Further Your Education

If you are hired by the City and need specific certifications or licenses, the City will help pay for it. If you need to get your GED, the City will help pay for it. They also offer some tuition reimbursement.

They offer to help you gain skills needed for your job. For instance, if welding is a skill that you would need for the department you are in, the City will help pay for you to take the welding course through Amarillo College.

If you are wanting to grow your career alongside the City of Amarillo, there are a lot of opportunities for you to do so.

Programs for Health and Wellness

The City also has programs that help promote better health and wellness for its employees. These include everything from a "walking challenge" to programs that help you with nutrition with more being added soon.

What to Expect When You Arrive at the Hiring Event

There will be people there to assist you in filling out an application if you haven't already. Once you have met with a representative from one of the departments and have found one that feels like the right fit for you, the next step will be scheduling an interview. Hiring won't be done "on the spot."

All said, working for the City doesn't sound like a bad career move at all. If you've been thinking about making a career switch, this would be a good way to do it; especially considering all of the help the City offers when it comes to getting licenses, certifications, and furthering education.

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