It is pretty obvious that Amarillo loves coffee!  Cliffside Coffee is opening up a new location on 45th and Teckla.

Over the past couple months it seems that coffee shops have been popping up all over town.  Cliffside Coffee has made Amarillo their home and are opening a new location.  Cliffside Coffee is all about catering to their customers.

After living all over the west coast, the owners saw the change is coffee.  It was no longer the boring dark coffee, but fun friendly drinks that were customized for every coffee drinker.  Every coffee drinker has a unique taste and Cliffside Coffee wants Amarillo to experience this wonderful way of enjoying the most consumed beverages in the world!

The brand new location is coming to 45th and Teckla and they are celebrating in a great way.  They will be  serving $1.00 medium drinks all day!  You can try a variety of drinks from infused redbulls to your classic coffee favorites.

The new location will be having a soft open until Friday if you would like to sample some of their unique and delicious coffee before the grand opening on Saturday.