Courtney Stodden has always looked somewhat, uh, enhanced. So much so that she once took lie detector tests to prove she'd never gone under the knife before. But finally, Courtney Stodden has opted for breast augmentation -- just as Nostradamus predicted she would.

It appears Court hasn't been completely honest with us in the past, because she now reveals she'd been employing some type of combination of witchraft and push-up bras to make her alleged C cups look like DDs. But since she enjoyed the way she felt with the larger rack so much, she went ahead and made it a reality.

“She decided she wanted to have real breasts that are that big so they look [that way] naturally without the bra. So she got DDs," her mom told Radar Online.

And because she's Courtney Stodden, a camera crew documented the entire journey, from consultation to recovery -- where pedophile husband Doug Hutchison leered over her hospital bed and was probably mistaken for her father by several members of the nursing staff.

Watch the video above to see Courtney slur while heavily medicated and a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon compare himself to Michelangelo (seriously), and then baffle at the fact that she leaves the operating room with a rack that looks exactly like it did before.

No word on if she's going to re-record her sex tape to showcase the new goods.

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