Guess who has a music video you will probably watch because you can't look away? It's Courtney Stodden! That's right, the living Barbie doll recorded some footage for her new music video because at least then viewers can put her on mute.

Courtney invited Celebuzz behind the scenes for a look at her new music video for her single 'Reality,' promising the audience that if they watch the video, “It'll be hot."

As far as we can tell, the over-processed song (don't act surprised) is about getting sweaty and dancing with a hot guy who Courtney eventually bones. At least we assume based on lyrics like: “Get close and feel my body / It's turning me on / What took you so long? / To come and give it to me.”

Just a reminder: Courtney Stodden will never ever do porn.

When asked about her video, Stodden responded with the vapid, "It's kinda like a fantasy reality. You know, it's whatever you want it to be."

"It's about this hot nerd that I'm captivated by, and you know, we get into the bedroom, it gets a little steamy and the rest is history," Stodden giggled, dressed like a Greek goddess (if Greek goddesses attended Halloween frat parties).

Cradle-robber/husband Doug Hutchinson was also in attendance since he's become such a Hollywood pariah that he's now relegated to literally being his child bride's lackey.

Said Stodden of his presence, "He's so supportive and he's here as my assistant. He’s like my helping hand, which is a great asset to have, especially in a husband." He can be seen in one shot helping Courtney (who's suggestively licking a lollipop and wearing jelly bean lingerie) down off a platform in her sky-high plastic heels.

Hutchison didn't seem to mind that his wife would be making out with her more age-appropriate co-star, either. "It'll be pretty sexy, pretty hot. A lot of kissing, straddling. That's all I'm gonna say,” Courtney added of her scenes with the “hot nerd."

That poor, poor man.

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