Every once in awhile Courtney Stodden scampers out from underneath the rock she lives under to post a sultry video on YouTube.  We’re not complaining.  It’s no secret that Courtney is a hotbed of sexual energy. Finally, she’s decided to put her sex powers to good use by promoting a vegetarian lifestyle.  Truly, this girl is the next poster child for PETA.  Well…maybe not.

Of course, the nerds on YouTube jumped all over her (they wish) for mistakenly thinking a tomato is a vegetable instead of a fruit. Botanically it’s a fruit, but there was a Supreme Court ruling that said it’s a veggie.

But wait, there’s more!  If that tomato left you feeling confident about your manhood (or flashing back to your diaper days) be sure to watch this next “go veg” video.  After Courtney shows you the cucumber she found at the grocery store you’ll end up feeling like Bob from those Enzyte commercials.

These spots make sense – she’s been advertising her melons every chance she gets.

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