You can't start your summer till you had at least one thrill ride. I can say that I am ready for the summer of 2017 thanks to Six Flags Over Texas!

I traveled to Gotham City part of the park to ride the new "Joker" ride and it felt like The Joker himself built this crazy thing. It was moving at lighting speeds and twisting me all at the same time. If this is what it's like to deal with The Joker, Batman can have that job. I'll keep being a radio personality in my safe little KISS-FM studio. Sorry, Gotham.

Check out this video of me on the ride with my friend Nikki Stephens from The Arlington Convention & Vistors Bureau. I did the ride twice. She rode it at least 5 times. I think Batman may have found a new Batgirl. Enjoy the video.

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