We made it through day one out here at Help 4 The Holidays, so now it's the home stretch! Ok, maybe that's taking it a bit too far. We've got six days to go, so that's hardly the homestretch.

The first day was filled with all sorts of fun. Big straight-line wind gusts threw our tent and tables multiple times. Several people came through and kicked off the donations for us (THANK YOU) and multiple others stopped by to grab lists. Jackie Kingston from our partners at KAMR 4 came out and spent a few hours with us doing Facebook lives and even a live story in the 5 pm newscast. It was a great start to the drive.

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Now we get to turn our focus to day two. This is when we begin to focus on collecting particular items, then once we receive them, we move on to another focus So what are we starting with?

Our focus to begin the day is to collect 20 hygiene-type items, deodorant is something we'd love to see as we haven't gotten any of that yet. We are also focused on getting 20 pairs/packs of socks. Tomorrow is going to be CHILLY, and socks are a must in order to stay warm.

Keep an eye on this as we will continue to update everything that goes on out here, whether it be good, bad, funny, or indifferent. Hope to see you here today! Wolflin Square right next to Silverland until 7 pm.

6:15 am: It's cold...dang cold. The wind is already whipping around. So much for putting up the tent today. We don't feel like fighting that battle today.

7:15 am: The Palace Coffee Co. hooked it up with a box of coffee to warm us up. It's also going to help wake us up a bit too.

7:30 am: Oooooooh, the goodies keep coming. Big shoutout to The Station! They just hooked us up with a whole load of their delicious breakfast tacos and four MASSIVE different types of coffee. We might be very hyper by 10 am.

8:45 am: We're moving the tables up onto the sidewalk. The wind is starting to move them around, and we don't feel like dealing with tables flipping over again today. Laptops getting thrown to the ground are NOT a good thing.

9:31 am: We've already received our first donation of the day! Big thank you to Charles who stopped by. He's already dropped by five of the hygiene items we need, so only need 15 more there! There were also a lot of other wonderful things in there such as crayons, underwear, and toys. Thanks Charles!

10:27 am: It's hot, it's cold, it's hot, it's windy. Seriously, the weather can't figure out what it wants to be right now! Still need 15 hygiene items and 20 pairs/packs of socks so we can move on to another focus. Can you help us? Stop by! Wolflin Square next to Silverland.

11:03 am: Just tried putting up those crazy flag things you see on the side of the street. You know, those arched type of signs that have company logos on them? I put up two of our stations, I'm not sure I like them...either that or the wind is scaring me with them. They might have to come down.

12:05 pm: Nothing new to really report here. Been a bit of a slow-go since we got that early morning donation. Yes, we know you're at work so we understand. Lunch hour is upon us though! Think you can make a quick stop while you're grabbing a bite?

1:17 pm: Donation number two for the day has arrived! Two more hygiene items so we're down to needing 13 to hit our goal for the day! Big thanks to Melissa for the drop-off! Let's keep it going Amarillo!

1:27 pm: Now we're talking! Amanda just stopped by and hooked up a ton of stuff! We just knocked off 11 pairs of socks and 11 more hygiene items thanks to her! If we can get nine more pairs/packages of socks and just TWO more hygiene items, we can move on to our next goal for the day. LET'S GO 806!!

2:12 pm: We have officially reached our hygiene goal...in fact, it's been CRUSHED thanks to Maria who just showed up with three huge bags full of toothpaste, razors, body wash, and so much more! Maria, THANK YOU! Now, let's knock out the nine more pairs of socks we need and we can move to our next goal for this evening!

3:34 pm: The late afternoon push has begun! Big shout to Rick for dropping off some more very needed hygiene items. It's so great to see the community coming together! Still need those nine pairs/packs of socks, and we really need to focus on getting some diapers here!

4:47 pm: Big thank you to Connie who just pulled up! Dropped off a bedding set (yes, we need a lot of those), some clothes and a couple other items. Another couple also came up to the tables, asked what we were doing, got excited, grabbed a list and said "we're going to Family Dollar". That's what it's all about! Let's keep that giving spirit going Amarillo!

5:51 pm: The temperature is currently 33 degrees with a feels like 20 degrees. You know what would warm us up? A nice little rush to end the night. Socks, diapers, anything really. We just want to feel warm.

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