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Angel Dee hit the story earlier today, that the River Road Band Director, Melvin Evans, had resigned from his position, yet nobody was commenting as to why.  Sad to say, but when these kind of stories hit, 8 times out of 10, it's sexual misconduct with a student.

There really is no clear answer as to what it was that caused him to resign, but we do know that the district made a police report to the Amarillo Police Dept.

Angel did her research, and found the following quote from Evans.

Angel Dee:

Evans made this statement to the press:

“I can guarantee you it’s nothing to do with sexual misconduct. I would never ever, ever, ever do anything to harm any of my students.”

I've heard a few rumors, and actually got a phone call from a former River Road student about what she had heard.  In the call, Danielle tells me that she had heard Evans had thrown a party and supplied alcohol for students at the party, again, allegedly, we aren't saying this is true!

Hear the phone call for yourself below.


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