I was going through Facebook the other day when I saw something that really made my heart happy. With the announcement, on Friday, that Texas Schools would not return inside the classroom this dashed a lot of stuff for the seniors.

A lot of them were going to miss out on Prom. They are going to miss out on a lot of the special moments included with graduation too. Yes, there will probably be a lot of virtual graduations but it won't be the same. Then I discovered THIS page on Facebook.

You can nominate your graduating Senior to be "adopted". No, these parents are not trying to get rid of their kids this late in life. They are looking for other's to acknowledge their accomplishments. Each student can be adopted by someone else in the community.

A lot of them end up being adopted by teachers, friends, other family members. Sometimes they are adopted by a complete stranger. This has been addressed, on the page, about the safety measures. A lot of the parent's are doing the communicating and either giving an address, PO Box, or meeting them in public to get their child's graduation gift.

This is a great idea. These students worked hard and deserve the big graduation parties and such. It doesn't look like that will be happening this year. To create a Facebook page to give these kids some recognition is really pretty cool. The students of 2020 will always remember their gradation year. Heck we all will.

If you want to adopt a student go ahead and check out the page, become a member, and reward a senior here in the Amarillo/Canyon area.

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