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River Road Students Make Epic Homemade Haunted House [VIDEO]
Just before Halloween the "Junior" class from River Road Highschool challenged me to go through their homemade haunted house. Knowing that I'm a huge haunted house fan and I've been to most haunts in town and never heard of this one, my mind was already set thinking this was not going to be scary at all. Wel...
Amarillo – River Road Band Teacher Gives Out “Worst Band Member Award” To An Amarillo Teenager! [PHOTO]
  OMG is this for real?  Because if so, WOW!  I can not believe this teacher had the audacity to actually give this to a student!  This, my dear, tender and loving friends, is a text book example of a teacher bullying a student!  And it happened right here in Amarillo, TX at River Road High!  The band teacher, Marci Criswell, allegedly gave a student, Evan Hodges, an award for "The Worst Band
Which Amarillo & Canyon School Has The MOST School Spirit? [POLL]
Over the season, myself and Tommy the Hacker have been to pretty much every single school there is to do a pep rally.  We've seen the best and worst of them, and in all actuality, there were no "worse".  We were seriously impressed by the amount of school spirit we saw over the past few months!  But what school has the most school spirit?

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