Does the Amarillo Restaurant Review's sway your opinion on local eats?

Do you think the reviews help businesses improve the customer experience or are we just using this platform as a way to express our outspoken opinions?

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Customer Service:

It seems there is a lot of reviews on the customer service from establishments. I've worked in the service industry and I've had off days. I've had days where I didn't want to deal with the public, personal stuff at home is weighing on me, my boss just wrote me up for being late cause I overslept my alarm. I'm human. We don't take the consideration of another person having a bad day.

We are unforgiving when it comes to customer service. I think we need to work at recognizing someone's rough day and maybe try to put a pep in their step, maybe some encouragement.

Should we publically put a worker's off day up on facebook for the rest of the people to comment and ridicule? Should a worker be reprimanded for a Facebook review of a patron's experience?

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Food Quality:

Food quality is probably the most important review of a food establishment. We all remember what happened with 7 Bar and Grill this year. I agree we should hold restaurants accountable for food quality. Slips ups do happen and a public Facebook forum is probably not the best place to post about it. Speak with the managers work on getting what you paid for. If all else fails THEN take it to Facebook as a last resort.

It's like relationship statuses on Facebook, the more people you involve the more opinions you have to influence your decision-making process.

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The Most Helpful Reviews:

The most helpful reviews can be left on their business pages on Social Media, Google, Yelp, etc., When you're searching for food you want to see the interaction with the businesses and the patrons. We all have vast differences in taste. Not all people are going to like the same places. I love cheddars, some people despise it and that's okay.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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