A new survey by the American Psychological Association reveals that 25% of American workers are stressed because of political conversations that take place at work. Are you among that group?  - 47% of people discuss politics in the workplace.

- 11% of people have gotten into an argument at work over politics.

- 54% of Americans avoid discussing politics with work colleagues.

- 20% of Americans avoid coworkers because of their political views.

A lot of people feel uncomfortable about what others post about politics on Facebook. According to Dicksoninteractive.com, here are some reasons why you shouldn't discuss politics on Facebook:

You Could Lose A Friend. A lot of people "hide" behind their computer and say things they wouldn't say face to face.

You Could Lose A Client.  If a client posts a political rant on Facebook and you post something completely opposite, they may hold it against you personally and drop you.

It's A Waste Of Time.  You're not going to change someone's mind by posting something on Facebook. Period.

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