One of the worst feelings in the world is losing your pet. Whether it be a pet passing, running away, or being stolen.

A lot of times, a pet that runs away or that is stolen is never found. The owner(s) never get the closure you need when you lose a pet. I mean, they ARE a part of the family.

A family in Houston had to deal with the pain of their dog being stolen five years ago. They searched and searched, but the search turned up nothing.

Thinking their dog was gone forever, they attempted to start the moving on process. Then something truly amazing happened.

Five years after Sheba was taken from them, she turned up.

When you hear about a dog being stolen, you imagine they'll turn up in or near the city in which they were taken or disappeared. However, five years is a LONG time. Turns out, Sheba got some life experience while she was missing...and did a little traveling.

Kudos to Animal Control Officer Jared Harper. He saw Sheba roaming the streets at the top of August and scooped her up. He ran the microchip that was implanted in her and was stunned. He noticed Sheba was registered near Houston.

Harper is the Animal Control BORGER.

Now, we don't know if Sheba was transported to Borger by someone or if Sheba broke loose and spent five years traveling through Texas. Either way, that is a LONG journey for the dog to take.

The dog was flown back to the family near Houston the other day by a partnership between Friends of Texas Panhandle Shelter Pets and Pilots N Paws and the family soaked it in. They spent the day swimming and playing with Sheba, so happy to have her back in their life.

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