A Borger man has been arrested on a litany of felony charges (including theft) after an alleged week-long crime spree in the cities of Lubbock, Odessa, and Midland.

On November 17, Golf Headquarters of Midland made a post on social media asking the public for help in identifying a "dirtbag that just robbed us of a bunch of golf clubs."

The post was quickly shared several hundred times and as it turns out, someone did indeed recognize him.

Hutchinson County Mugshots quickly recognized the familiar face, as did many other Borger natives.

Salinas has an extensive criminal history in Hutchinson County--and has apparently branched out down south.

Curiously enough, it soon came to light that Midland's Golf Headquarters wasn't the only golfing store he had visited with sticky fingers.

Jay Deryl, the owner and operator of the Golf Headquarters in Lubbock commented on his compatriot's post identifying the individual in the photos as Jaden YB Salinas and relayed that Salinas had robbed GHQ Lubbock twice. He went on explain that he had confronted the individual only several days prior in his store in Lubbock. He also indicated that the truck Salinas was driving in the photo was a stolen one.

One astute commenter noted that the thief in Midland and Lubbock bore an uncanny resemblance to an individual sought after by the Odessa Police Department on suspicion of stealing $2,000 of golf clubs from an Academy Sports & Outdoors.

Ultimately, it looks like all the information readily volunteered by members of the community in Borger, Lubbock, Midland, and Odessa was put to good use.

Salinas was arrested on Thursday, November 18 and booked into an Ector county jail on a litany of offenses. Records show...well, why don't I show you?


It may be been easier to list what he didn't do.

Crime Spree in Review: Triple Bogey

Let's recap.

According to Jay Deryl, Salinas attempted to break into Golf USA in Lubbock on Monday night. Went to Deryl's store (Golf Headquarters of Lubbock) on Tuesday night where Deryl confronted him. Then Salinas headed to Midland and Odessa where he snatched up golfing merchandise from Academy and the Golf Headquarters of Midland.

You might ask yourself: how was the store owner in Lubbock so certain it was Salinas?

The answer is....well...Salinas is no stranger.

Which brings me to the next, perhaps most important question of them all...

The Burning Question We All Have

Why golf clubs in particular? Why?!

This is quite the niche category of sporting goods to purloin.

It might keep me up at night. It might not.

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