To make sure that your pizza gets to your in one piece. Domino's wants to help make the road a little smoother.

Domino's Pizza just announced that they have a new plan to drive around the country and fix potholes.

Why? To "Save Pizza" that's why by giving a smoother ride to the delivery drivers. How is that for employee appreciation?

The plan is part of a marketing campaign that's promoting their pizza while helping each town they serve.

There is already one town in Texas getting Domino's help. Bartonville, Texas joins other cities like Milford, Delaware, Athens, Georgia and Burbank, California. All of these cities have had potholes filled by Domino's.

But not every town will get the Domino's paving crew, though . . . in some cases, they'll just be sending the city some money.

If you would like to nominate Amarillo for this promotion, just go to

I have a feeling Domino's might get a lot of nominations from us here in the next few days.



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