A new survey by the dating site Elite Singles reveals that 68% of people would rather dump their partner than bacon. Read on for other findings. 

93% of vegetarians are okay with dating a meat eater.

85% of meat eaters are okay with dating a vegetarian.

73% of people would rather date a meat eater than a vegetarian.

What are some things NOT to do on a first date?  Don't experiment with food.  Don't eat something just to show your character.  Sea Food and Hot and Spicy foods are good to avoid.

What is good to order on a first date. First off, order food you enjoy.  If you are concerned about how you look when you eat, order something safe.  Pizza or Burger/Fries are very good choices.

You can also make a good impression without breaking the bank.  Order a glass of tap water on the side to accompany a glass of wine.  Share a starter or dessert.  Keep in mind that many women will try not to eat so much so that the flattering dress still looks good by the end of the night. sharing starters or desserts could avoid the over-bloated “look”.

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