UPDATE 09-10-2019 10:42pm:

It seems that there is a lot of uproar about this event being a scam. We noticed the event on other Amarillo websites and an event created on Facebook. However, the discussion section is saying this event is a scam.

Check out the comments section on this Facebook posting. In the photo below the organizers of the event turned the comments off.

Facebook: Bar Crawl Unlimited
Facebook: Bar Crawl Unlimited

There are numerous screenshots posted in the comments section of attendees being scammed. Be cautious, we will keep you updated as we look further into the event.


Original Post:

For so long, people in Amarillo always said things like "I have to go to somewhere like Dallas or Austin to have fun." But over the last few years, those voices have gotten quieter and quieter because of events like these!

I am excited to tell you that Amarillo is going to have our first Margarita Crawl! This event is being put on by a well-known national company who has greate events like this all over the USA called Bar Crawl Unlimited.

Bar Crawl Unlimited's mission statement is:

Bar Crawl Unlimited is a small business that has one goal… Create memories that will last a lifetime

If you are ready to create some memories, grab your tickets fast! The Amarillo Margarita Crawl will be held October 5th from 2:00 - 8:00 PM. They only have limited spots available to enhance the crawlers experience, so you better act fast! They always sell out.

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