I read some news this weekend that made me happy through all this Coronavirus discussion. So when Amarillo has some kind of injustice like this it kind of makes me lose a little bit of faith. OK, to be fair we have mainly Lubbock to blame...but...
Back in January 2019 Thomas Michael Dixon was let out of prison while he was waiting for his appeal. So ever since then..ever since he made his $2 million bail he has been living his best life free here in Amarillo. He had even been working out at gyms. I mean back when they were open. How unfair is that?
credit: Lubbock Police
credit: Lubbock Police OLD MUGSHOT
Credit: Randall County Mugshot FB Page
Credit: Randall County Mugshot FB Page - NEW MUGSHOT

Look he is not smiling anymore!

Dr. Joseph Sonnier’s family can’t spend time with him. You know ever since he was murdered by David Sheppard by the request of Dixon.
You know because he paid him in Silver bars and all. Way to go Amarillo. Another great story from our area. By great I mean...yeah not really at all.
But luckily the Seventh Court of Appeals in Lubbock finally came to their senses. On Friday his bond was finally revoked. Which means he will be going back to prison.
I know he has money, lawyers, and all that so he is going to try to fight it tooth and nail but come on who is sick of this guy?
A guy who thinks that his need to have a certain girl is more important than anyone else. You know the guy who thinks that paying someone else to do his dirty work. This story is oh so pathetic and I can’t wait for him to finally be back where he belongs.
That is prison just in case you don’t know. The days are getting ever so close.

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