It always seems that there's an area around the city you live in that is notorious for one thing or another.

I believe we have the area that we pay attention to for some drama involving police.

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Welcome to Hutchinson County, home of the high-speed police chase. I swear, any time we hear of some kind of chase going down between police and someone deciding that evading was the answer, it comes out of Hutchinson County. The latest one comes to us from the city of Borger.


Allow me to introduce you to Vicente Benavidez. He is currently being charged with several different counts after leading the Borger PD on a high-speed chase through the city. However, it didn't all start here.

The fun began back in Arkansas where Benavidez is accused of stealing a car there. He then took that car on a bit of a road trip that landed him in the panhandle. What happened to begin the chase is currently unclear to me, but Benavidez felt it would be best to take off in the alleged stolen car and see if he could escape authorities.

You can see this chase led them through at least one neighborhood, and while those high-speed chases can be entertaining to watch, think of all the kids that could've been out and playing when he stormed through. Scary thoughts.

Unfortunately for Benavidez, he was unsuccessful in his attempt to get past the Borger PD. From what I can tell in the video below, it appears he rolled the car and it allowed Borger PD to jump all over the opportunity to put him in cuffs.

Benavidez is currently facing charges of Aggravated Assault Against A Public Servant (not sure how he landed that one), Evading Arrest with a Vehicle, and an Arkansas Parole Warrant. Sounds like it's not his first time being in trouble.

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