We do laundry every week. Sometimes we do laundry multiple times a week It really all depends on your household and how many people you have living with you. You may sort your clothes in whites, lights and dark clothes. You may do a whole load of towels.

You may even do a whole load of jeans because you have so many to wash. Well I can help you cut out some laundry. Stop washing those jeans. Really. It's not good for them anyway.

Woman Accidentally Dyeing Laundry Inside Washing Machine

You Can Save Time and Water by Cutting Out this One Step of the Laundry Ritual

Even Levi Strauss themselves say that washing your jeans is not necessary. Jeans are made to collect grime. You can even really go a year without washing them. Try it. I have. Really it is recommended. Washing them too much also helps them to break down faster.

So then you are buying more jeans. Nobody has time for that anyway. I had also read that putting your jeans in a plastic bag and placing them in the freezer will help kill the bacteria. I have tried that, I don't have the capabilities to see if the bacteria is gone.


I though have the knowledge of using the computer and that tip has actually been debunked. Oh but not cutting down on washing your jeans. I know it sounds gross but really jeans are made to be durable.

Stop washing them so much. Or heck stop washing them at all. Your washer and jeans will thank me.

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