Kiss Fm has been around going on 5 years now! We definitely could have not done it with all your support you have made us the #1 radio-station in West Texas and we wanna thank you for it by throwing you a HUGE BASH at Splash Amarillo! Saturday July 14th we have rented out the water park from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm at night. Not only will you be swimming under the stars, but also you will be hanging with some local stars of Amarillo. With live performances from Velvet Funk Band, CJ Pacheco, Smooth Condition, Team Glory and Dj Sunny V with So1media will be in the house! Join Dallas Chambers, Angel Dee, and Tommy the Hacker broadcasting live from Splash Amarillo! Get ready for the biggest event of the summer. Kiss Fm's Summer Splash and Music Festival!



And yes for our adults, 21 & up, they do serve, ahem, adult beverages at Splash Water Park :)

Well see you out there on Saturday at 7:30 pm and remember it's only $9.69 to get in that night...Get there early!

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