For some diehards, paying “only” $60 for a game as sacred to them as Halo 4 just doesn’t feel right. Nah, for those who live and breath all that is Master Chief, the only way to go is to fork over $100 for the limited edition package. The game isn’t due out until Nov. 6, but Microsoft is already getting fans hot and bothered by flashing the extras that come with the limited edition.

Joystiq describes the contents, the most tangible of which is the over-sized metallic box that will make the game stand apart from others on your shelf. There’s also a mini-book dubbed the ”UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet,” as well as a load of downloadable exclusives, including an instantly-downloadable map pack as well as a voucher for three more packs that will come out later on. The $100 package also lets you access six multiplayer classes, dubbed “Specializations,” sundry appearance-altering tweaks and a bunch of videos.

As far as bonuses go, most of these seem to be yawners. There are no statues, mini-helmets, night-vision goggles or R.C. cars to be found. We’ll see if that box is shiny enough to yank Benjamins out of the pockets of Halo hipsters.

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