Heavy rainfall sweeps through Amarillo causing massive flooding of streets, especially in busy intersections.  A flash-flood warning has been issued until 10:45pm tonight, and it's advised that you just stay in and not try messing with it if you value your car.

I took a little trip in the jeep and this is what some neighborhoods are looking like.

Pro New 7 reports:

Scanner traffic reports:
- Multiple high water rescues, area of 3rd, 10th, I-40 and Washington.
- Portions of I-40 closed, other roads throughout the city closed.
- Phone line down on South Georgia.
- Man hole cover off
- Grand Street heavily flooded

Power outages and little blips are occurring throughout Amarillo. And Xcel Energy confirms that at least 10 power-line poles have been knocked down somewhere north of Channing, and between Amarillo and Channing, there's somewhere around 8,500 people without power right now.

Keep your radio on 96.9 KISS-FM!  Tommy the Hacker will be hitting you with all the details as the storm continues.  It seems to be easing up, so hopefully nothing else major will be going down.