A house fire broke out this morning at around 10 am at 710 S. Birmingham St. in East Amarillo.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and found smoke and fire inside the house. Upon arrival firefighters found Gregorio Rodriguez, 73, deceased. Also a  4-year-old escaped through the front door of the burning house.

This is a very sad story and the family has been left with nothing. Here's a list of stuff that we can help the family out with.

Men :

34/32 - Pant size

XL - Shirts size

9 1/2 - Shoe size


7/8 - Pant size

Lrg - Shirts

8 - Shoe size

Girl : Teen

1 - Pant size

5 -  Shoe size

Toddler girl : 4 yrs

5/6 - Pant size

10/11 - Shoe size

Jackets, Socks, School supplies,Underwear, Rubber bands for hair/ hair products and etc...

That's all we have for now, but we will keep you updated as we get more info. You can drop off these items here at the Kiss Fm studio. Thanks for always being there for our city in hard times. Prayers out to this family and all who have been affected by this house fire.