Omlet asked 1,000 people to name their biggest texting turn-offs.  See if you are guilty of any of these. 
Biggest Texting Turn-Offs For Men

1: Funky or very informal spelling (58%)
2: Multiple exclamation points in chat messages!!!!! (47%)
3: Lack of punctuation and grammar (46%)
4: all lower case words (41%)
5: Excessive slang -- LOL, BRB, WTF (40%)

Biggest Texting Turn-Offs For Women

1: Funky or very informal spelling (73%)
2: Lack of punctuation and grammar (59%)
3: Excessive slang (54%)
4: Messages during sleeping hours (51%)
5: all lower case words (50%)

So what is appropriate when texting?  According to Jennifer Golbeck, PHD of the website Psychology Today, here are four tips for texting:

  1. Be In The Moment. A benefit of texting is that you can reach out anytime, from anywhere. "Did you see a cute puppy on the street?" Take a picture and send it to your puppy-loving friend.
  2. Follow the same rules you'd follow in real conversation. Ask about their thoughts on subjects and listen.
  3. Emoji's.  Texting is awkward at times.  Use emoticons and emojis. Emoticons, like the :-) smiley face, can seem a little lame on one level, but they are popular because we can't see faces in text.
  4. Keep it light. It's hard to type out long detailed conversations on text. Subtlety can't get lost. A typo, delay, or ambiguous comment can lead to hurt feelings.

To read the whole article, click HERE.


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