This past weekend, our intern Josh got his first visit ever to a haunted house. We went to Amarillo Scaregrounds and when we pulled up Josh did not want to get out of the bus.

After 20 minutes of convincing him, he finally got up the courage to get out and agree to go to one of 5 haunted attractions at Amarillo Scaregrounds. We even let him pick which haunt he wanted to go in. The funny thing is that Josh picked the scariest haunt out of all of them and was in for a big surprise. He tried talking his way out of it but it didn't work because we had already hired a film crew to record his first experience inside a haunted house. Here's the catch - he had to go into the haunt all by himself. The haunted house he went into is called "The Basement!" You know it's a good haunt when they stuff you into a coffin and send you on a roller coaster!

Check out Josh's reactions going into the haunt and please excuse his language throughout the video...Hahaha!

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