On Saturday night we hosted or annual haunted broadcast. We have been hosting the haunted broadcast for the last 5 years and I have to say this was the best and scariest of all the past years!

We started the broadcast just after 11pm at a haunted building in downtown Amarillo. 10 listeners were given the chance to investigate and conquer some our challenges within this building. 8 different rooms and a very creepy basement. We had 5 groups of 2 people with only a flashlight and a walkie talkie allowed on their challenge. Not only did we have this live on Kiss FM but we also had night-vision cameras set-up all thru-out  the building so you can see whats going on as they sit in the dark doing challenges to connect with the spirits.

In this first video you can see Josh and Jonathan in the basement using the spirit box to try to get the spirit to communicate with it. In the video there was lots of orbs and a loud noise that occurred while they were sitting in the basement. (watch at the 45 minute mark)



Here's another video of group Josh and Kendall. In this video they try to connect with the spirits through a flashlight. See what kind of activity they pickup! (watch from the 23 minute mark)



After all the investigations and challenges done in this building we have concluded that this building is really haunted! For more video footage click here to watch! See we have next year for the Haunted Broadcast or maybe one even sooner...Like Friday the 13th!

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