Van Buren Frightmare has a really good haunted house and this year's theme is "Enchanted Frightmare." 15 different rooms filled with nightmares based on true events.

We took a trip out there to see if we can conquer Van Buren Frightmare and make it through the whole haunted house. Intern Josh has a habit of holding people's waist when he gets scared. Through a 45 minute haunting experience I had to finally leave Josh behind. Check out the video to see if josh made it through the whole haunted house. Halfway through the haunt josh did have his arms around my shoulders. If you see him in the streets ask him about it. Don't let josh lie to you about it because I have it all on video...Hahaha! Check out Van Buren Frightmare open every weekend for the month of October! You want some good scares then you should go check them out and good luck!

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