I received a call on the Kiss lines from World Renowned Maureen Hancock, the Psychic Medium or “Comedian Medium.” Maureen will be coming to the Amarillo Globe News Center August 1st.

Maureen has helped people reach family members who have passed. She also helps people deal with terminal illness and has even helped the police solve murder cases. After listening to Dallas Chamber's reading last-week on the radio I was really interested on what she was going to tell me.

Before you listen to this audio, I will tell you I've NEVER spoke or had any contact with her before. I was very curious on what she had to say, but I was very open minded going into this. Maureen started talking about how kids are open to seeing things. When she said that to me it instantly brought up the memory I had of Carla.

One night I called Carla's mom was at the hospital to check up on her and she had mentioned that Carla asked "Why is that lady at the window?", and "Why am I hearing such beautiful music?" Carla's mom told me there was nobody at the window and there was no music playing at all.

When I told this to Maureen she instantly started telling me stuff about Carla that she could never have known. Now, if you don't know who Carla is, she is a beautiful little girl that came into our lives last year and touched many peoples hearts around our community. Carla lost her battle to Cancer 5 months ago.

Check out the audio that I posted from my reading with Maureen in which she is undoubtedly referring to Carla . I have played this audio for Carla's mom and was given the consent to share with ya'll.

Now after have this conversation with Maureen, I had some questions I wanted to ask and find out from Carla's mom to see if what Maureen had told me made sense. Here's what Carla's mom said:

1. Maureen's question about the notes on balloons that were released.

Carla's mom: "There were notes attached to balloons that were released after the funeral" and also Carla's 5 year old brother said " If we put a note in the balloons Carla was going to get them"

2. Maureen's Question: Did someone just recently get a tattoo?

Carla's mom: "My Sister n' Law Sonia just got a tattoo with a ribbon and Carla's name"

3. Maureen: Do you know if they missed diagnosed her on her condition?

Carla's mom: "Carla started getting sick on Feb. 25th and the Dr. didn't find out what was wrong with her until May 18th, at first they said it was growing pains and later that she had anemia, it took 3 months to finally diagnose her with Leukemia"

Maureen: Carla is showing me butterflies what are the butterflies for?

Carla's mom: "At the funeral there were posters with ribbons and butterflies painted right above them, also just a few weeks ago there was a fundraiser for Carla called Ribbons & Butterflies"

Maureen: Is Carla's middle name Marie?

Carla's mom: "Carla has a cousin named Ashlin Marie and Carla used to call her Marie just to make her mad"

With all this said in my own opinion Maureen Hancock was right about everything and she had really been in contact with our friend Carla. Maureen Hancock will be doing more of this but in person on August 1st at the Amarillo Globe News Center.