I don't know how true or how false this story is, but the possibility alone compels me to give you this information just in case!  Beforeitsnews.com has this incredibly detailed report of an asteroid, named 2011 AG5, and it's future course that includes an impact of Earth in 2040.

Not a big deal if the world is really coming to an end as we approach the winter solstice of 2012, but it might be a big deal if those crazy ass Mayans were wrong.

Beforeitsnews.com reports

They checked the calculations and re-checked them again. Yet the terrible truth refused to go away. The cold, deadly numbers stared back at them from their computer printouts. So little doubt remained the United Nations Action Team of concerned scientists scrambled to issue an emergency warning that asteroid 2011 AG5 is going to impact Earth and could cause the explosive death of millions...

The 28-year countdown clock has started and it may be ticking away the seconds of life remaining to unsuspecting millions.

That's the worry some anguished scientists have as recent study of near-Earth objects has confirmed that asteroid 011 AG5 has a high possibility of striking Earth a deadly blow in 2040.

Calles for a "Situational Awareness system" have become more strident to the point where some Russian scientists have gone on record demanding an Earth defense network be established among space-capable nations immediately.


From what I gather, NASA actually played down the probability of an impact.  Not saying that I trust the government, but I am saying I trust them more then some random website.

Should you be worried?  Well that is up to you I guess.  I won't be losing any sleep over this, because if I believed everything I read on Beforeitsnews.com, I would believe this was footage of some secret alien war in space.  Come on really?

Make the most of your time on our planet, because you don't know how much you've got with your loved ones.  But don't let this be the deciding factor of it.  This is just crazy-ness that is put out to make you sweat and spend your money on asteroid survival kits.

Then again, Snooki is pregnant, so maybe the world is coming to an end.

To see the full story check it out here on Beforeitsnews.



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