It all seemed to have started about a month ago.

You may remember this lone mail thief that had a special key to get into the side of the big blue mail drop boxes you see around town.

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Well, make that USED to see around town. These blue mailboxes are starting to disappear all over the city.

There used to be one right over by the Hobby Lobby on Bell that I would see every morning as I made the drive into work. All of a sudden, it was gone. Just like it vanished overnight. Did someone take that thing, throw it in the back of their truck and bolt?

That's one theory, but it's not entirely true. It seems the postal service is going around and taking these out of service as mail theft is starting to reach an all-time high.

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

Someone in a Southlawn Facebook group mentioned that the outdoor ones were getting hit all over the city. Even the one outside the downtown post office.

Do you have any idea how bold you have to be to try and steal something like that downtown?? Unless you know how to achieve that in 15-30 seconds, you're bound to be caught. This is something that would have to be done in the dead of night with no one around. How do you not look suspicious?

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

As you can see, the box in Southlawn is now gone as well. I don't know how these thieves are getting inside the mailboxes. I wonder if that one guy that got caught was like the leader of a mail theft ring.

Regardless, the safest way to make sure your mail makes it to its intended location is to take that mail inside and either drop it off at an indoor mail drop or take it straight up to the counter.

A lot of the stuff I send has a tracking number associated with it. I'll go into the post office, walk up to the counter, then watch them scan it into the system AND get a receipt showing it was dropped and scanned.

Sure, it's a little extra work, but it'll save you in times like this as you'll have proof that it was dropped off and scanned in. Stay away from the outdoor mail drops!

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