When you drive around Amarillo you begin to notice a few things. We like our food and we love our coffee. I mean we have so many great places to eat. We also have plenty of places to stop and get our fill of whatever grande, heavy cream, iced, whatever we want.

It also seems that places to get chicken has become a place on every corner as well. Amarillo does have a lot of great places already for the chicken connoisseur.

  • Chick-fil-A (soon to be 5 in Amarillo and 1 in Canyon at WT)
  • KFC (3)
  • Popeyes (will have 5 when the 1 on Paramount re-opens)
  • Raising Canes (2)
  • Golden Chick (2)
  • Chicken Express (we have 4 in Amarillo and 1 in Canyon)
  • Slim Chickens (1)

So it's safe to say that we love our chicken here in Amarillo. That doesn't mean that we are against seeing any other chicken places coming to town. I mean the more the merrier, right?

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When the topic of our recent Golden Chick opened up at 34th and Georgia it led to the talk about a new place. The topic of Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings came up. I have never been to one. To be honest I hadn't even heard of them until someone brought them up.

They seem to have them in Oklahoma and near the Dallas area. None really closer. So the name was brought up. That is when someone chimed in and said we may be getting one.

Now if it was zaxbys that would be something to cover - Frank

They are coming. On Soncy - Cody

That was the conversation that happened on one of our pages. So is it true? Is it just someone trolling our pages? That is a good question. So of course we had to reach out to the folks at Zaxby's to see just how true this early rumor is.

Is it happening or can we squash it before it starts? We are waiting to hear back. If you have any inside scoop let us know.

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