Former Penn State defensive coordinator has been indicted in a crazy, 23 paged long child sexual abuse scandal that will completely blow you away!  Talk about a 180!  He went from being one of the most notable college football coaches that never made head coach.  To the single most notable child molester of 2011! 

As your guide to this gruesome tour allow me to warn you, your going to read about some pretty sick things.  The Pennsylvania Attorney Generals office has released this 23 page grand jury report which led to the indictment of the former college coach.  It get's graphic, and I know your trying to kill productivity at work and all, but it's freaking long.  And you got stuff to do, so let me give you the run down and if you wanna dig more find a complete guide to the entire incident right here on Dead Spin.

The report details 8 disturbing accounts of child molestation from mid 90's till the late 2000's and also details the sequence of events that led to charges of perjury and failure to report suspected child abuse against two Penn State administrators, including athletic director Tim CurleyJerry Sandusky was arrested on Saturday, the Associated Press says Curley surrendered himself today.

Now let me tell you, this Sandusky dude is creepier then Herbert on Family Guy!  In the report all the victims report sexual abuse and I mean a wide variety of stuff that would make you throw up your if you read them.  And this nasty perv is married!  Doing things to children that I can't even bring myself to type out!  He would meet these kids, looks like mostly through The Second Mile and would take them to Philadelphia Eagles games, plus Penn State practices, tailgate parties, home games and some even SPENT THE NIGHT AT HIS HOUSE!  Sounds like this volunteer driven organization called The Second Mile was like a buffet of young boys for Sandusky to choose from!  They better investigate EVERYBODY in that program!

I could do a summary of the grand jury report, but I don't think you want me typing about these awful things this waste of flesh would do to 10 YEAR OLD BOYS IN THE SHOWER AT PENN STATE!  I can't even make jokes out of this topic!  Who's up to a good ol' fashion stoning?  I am sooooooo there!