Restaurants in Amarillo have to have competitiveness to survive here in Amarillo. We have seen this in the countless number of places closing recently. It's great to see two competitor's encouraging each other in the spirit of the game.

Chick-fil-A on Georgia opened up in 2011 and ever since it did it has ruled the chicken market in that area of town. Just today Raising Cane's opened up their second location just down the way. A little chicken on chicken competition.

How did Joshua Raef from Chick-fil-A handle it? Well with the class he always has. He had the marquee written out to welcome them to the area:

credit: Joshua Raef, Chick-fil-A FB
credit: Joshua Raef, Chick-fil-A Facebook

Not only the sign was out to show some love but flowers to welcome them:

We are all in the people business. Even our competition is full of people just like us, so we wanted to show some love with the grand opening of the Raising Cane’s down the street (flowers and the sign), and they returned some love (cookie deliciousness)!

It’s nice to have a positivity break in all the social media political/virus madness!

But seriously, y’all only eat Canes on Sunday, ya hear?


It's great to see Chick-fil-A welcoming them and then Raising Canes followed suit. Yes, it's about customer service and great food. I feel they will both do great in the area. I don't worry about either one losing out. It just warms my heart to see such goodness on both sides.

credit: Joshua Raef's Facebook
credit: Joshua Raef's Facebook

Isn't this the kind of stuff we really need to be seeing right now? The fun and light-hearted goodness between these two businesses. Enough to make us all go out and visit both places every week. Or more if you so choose. Kudos to both Chick-fil-A and Raising Canes for showing the love today.

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