If you listen to the Hacker Morning Show, then you know I am obsessed with the Facebook Live called 'Open An Oyster.'  Well, we are giving you the chance to open an oyster and win a pearl!

If you have never seen 'Open An Oyster,' it is a totally addicting Facebook live feed.  The owner, Brittany, will sell you the unopened oyster and then open it live on Facebook.  Each oyster is guaranteed to have a beautiful pearl inside. She will then measure it and send it to you.  Each time she goes live, she gives you a chance to win free pearls just for watching.

I have been completely addicted since the first time I saw it.  I watch as often as I can.  It is so exciting to see the different colors and kinds of pearls that come out of the oysters.  There have been black, green, teal, purple, rose gold and so many other gorgeous colors.

Wednesday morning on the show, we received a mystery package that came from 'Open An Oyster.'  Inside were five unopened oysters and five beautiful sterling silver pendants.  One was for me and the rest were to give to our listeners.

Tommy the Hacker really wanted a pearl, so I told him if he could do a challenge off the 'Wheel of Dares' I would give him an oyster.  His challenge, take a fish shot!

We still have 3 more oysters and pendants to give out!  Don't worry, you won't have to drink a fish.  All you have to do is sign up below.  Then on Monday, October 10th, we will go live on Facebook.  We will randomly choose 3 people and open the oysters for them!

If you are one of the lucky 3, you will get the pearl and a pendant!  So get signed up and tell all your friends and family to get signed up.

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