Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Facebook and see something that just grabs your attention for hours?  That is exactly what 'Open An Oyster' does!

The other night I was trying to brainstorm and I usually get good ideas off social media.  I started scrolling through Facebook and came across a live video that got my attention immediately.

It was coming from a company called 'Open An Oyster.'  I first saw a young lady opening oysters and taking out the pearls.  It was a beautiful red pearl.  Then she opened another and it too had a gorgeous pearl.  She opened oyster after oyster revealing beautiful pearl after beautiful pearl.

What happens is that she has all these cultured oysters sent to her from Japan.  She then gives viewers the opportunity to purchase them.  You can by them individually or by the tray load.

Next, she will set a date for you and then go on Facebook Live to open the oyster for you.  She even lets you pick the oyster.  And whatever pearl is inside, is yours!  Every oyster is guaranteed to have a pearl and if one doesn't, they will let you pick another oyster.

Every time she opened an oyster, I grew excited to see what kind of pearl was going to be coming out.  Everything from merlot to mermaid to white and black the pearls were beautiful.  No two pearls were the same.

I became immediately addicted!  Not only did I end up watching for over an hour, I even asked my husband to buy me some oyster trays so that I can get my own beautiful pearls.

Check out the video below!

I can't wait to see the next live opening!  What are some of your Facebook addictions?

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